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The Bonfires of Beltane, by Mark E. Fisher

Praise for The Bonfires of Beltane

An inspiring adventure through the wild landscape of ancient Ireland, this tale brings to life the remarkable journey of Ireland’s earliest Christians. Highly entertaining and engaging.

~ Cindy Thomson, Author of Brigid of Ireland and Pages of Ireland

Mark Fisher’s meticulous research comes to life in these pages. He depicts a struggle both for life and for spirit. The ancient kingdoms of Britain and Ireland appear in vivid detail. With high stakes, intrigue, suspense, and even romance, Fisher weaves a tale worthy of reading and rereading.

~ Aaron D. Gansky, Author of The Bargain, the Hand of Adonai Series, and Firsts in Fiction


A semi-finalist in the American Christian Fiction Writers 2014 Genesis Contest, historical fiction category under the title, The Epic Tale of Taran Mac Teague.

In His Heart He Knows It’s Wrong

It’s what the clan has always done. Since before anyone can remember, Taran’s Celtic, island people have sacrificed children to Crom Cruach, the dread sun god. Yet in his heart he knows it’s wrong. An escaped slave told him that in distant Britain they worship the One True God, a God who loves. A God so unlike the capricious, evil spirits that darken the souls of his people.

Now Taran’s about to be inducted into his clan’s inner circle of leaders. He promised Laurna, his betrothed, that he’d keep quiet about his doubts. But on the night of his ceremony, beside Crom Cruach, the bent idol of gold, he cannot give allegiance to a lie. Before everyone he questions the druids’ rule. Then he blames the clan’s miserable fortunes, not on the lack of sacrifices, but on the idol itself. What’s worse, he calls it a demon.

A Storm Darkens the Horizon

The druids are aghast. They meet in council, strip him of all honor, and order his banishment. Instead of a wedding with Laurna, there will be a tearful parting. As the clan gathers on shore and a storm darkens the horizon, Taran paddles through the waves. But his wee craft was made for the shoreline, not the vast, raging sea. He looks back on his beloved, his people, everything he’s ever known. What has he done?

Thus begins Taran’s adventure in A.D. 432.

Beyond the Sea, an Adventure Awaits

Beyond the sea lies ancient, Celtic Ireland. There wait the Roman evangelist, Patrick, and two kingdoms ruled by powerful kings and their pagan, druid advisors. It’s a proud land where tradition is everything, where safe passage through the forests and over the bog roads is reserved for nobility, druids, warriors, or bards. Slavery or death await the rest. And the druids will do anything to remain in power and prevent Patrick and his followers from changing their ancient ways.

Will Taran find the spiritual truth he so desperately seeks? Will he escape wrathful kings and druid plots? Will he ever be able to return home, rescue his people, and rejoin his beloved Laurna

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The Sequel to The Bonfires Of Beltane

The Medallion, by Mark E. Fisher

An Epic Quest In A.D. 486

Only Ty can save his clan from the druids rising again on his island home. But something—is it God?—calls him to distant Gaul to search for a sister everyone knows is dead. He believes she’s alive, and he’s driven to find her. But who then will save his clan?