Mark wrote his first twelve pages at the age of ten, complete with diagrams of Indians, a stampede, and a prairie fire. More recently, he’s been writing historical fiction and fantasy in an early medieval setting. He is the author of The Bonfires of Beltane, an epic novel of Christian historical fiction set in ancient, Celtic Ireland at the time of St. Patrick. The Medallion is the sequel that is now wending its way through the publication process at Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas, Heritage Beacon Imprint, due in late 2018.

Mark is working on the third book of a Christian fantasy trilogy, The Scepter and Tower Series: The Scepter, The Augury, and The Tower.

Mark enjoys reading the classics, fantasy, and historical fiction. He is a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers and the Minnesota Christian Writer’s Guild. He is represented by the Steve Laube Agency.

When he’s not working for his church, Mark will probably be at his desk writing. Or walking his dog, Chloe, a miniature Australian shepherd who requires four miles a day to keep from driving her family crazy.


Mark has degrees in Anthropology/Sociology (B.S., 1973), Computer Science (M.S., 1980), and Ministry (M.Min, 2013). He has worked at Ramco Railroad, helping weld rails together; Pittsburgh Plate Glass, inspecting auto glass; and for seven years at the Illinois Department of Public Aid in Aurora and Elgin, Illinois as a welfare caseworker. That is where he met his future wife Barbara who had the desk behind him. After he learned computer programming, he worked at IBM Rochester for twenty-eight years. There he programmed communications microcode for the AS/400 and bus transport code for the i- and p-series hypervisor. In 2009, IBM and Mark parted ways.


In 2007, Mark became convicted of God’s true nature and that Jesus was the Son of God. After his baptism, he created and taught a twenty-week course on Christian apologetics at Calvary Evangelical Free Church in Rochester, Minnesota. He has since led numerous Bible studies, and for years was active on his church’s missions team, helping to send the Gospel “to the ends of the earth”.  He is now a preaching elder and treasurer of The Gathering Church of Rochester, a church he helped plant in October 2013.


Rochester, Minnesota—just south of the frozen tundra—is where Mark and his wife, Barbara, call home. Besides writing, he enjoys walking his dog, going out to eat, and traveling. He and Barbara have visited missionaries in the Dominican Republic and Japan. They enjoy traveling to foreign countries, with recent trips to Ireland, Italy, and France where story ideas seem to find him. They have two sons and six lively grandchildren.

A novel of Christian fiction must, first of all, be a tale of adventure, with a fast-paced, gripping story. It must have interesting characters who struggle against peril and circumstance. It must keep readers on the edge of their seats. In the end, good must triumph over evil, life over death, and God over all who would oppose Him or his Son.”

Windows on My Life in Pictures

  • En-Gedi

  • En-Gedi, Dead Sea Beyond

  • Camel Riding at Jericho

  • Temple Mount

  • Cross for those lost to the tsumai

  • The Mori’s church in Sendai

  • Giving testimony

  • What? Raw fish?

  • At the Cherry Blossom Festival

  • At the Bowman’s Church